D​​.reams R.eally E.volve. D.aily

Team DRED​​​​

Lil DRED is more than just a Hip Hop recording artist out of Liberty City - Miami, Florida.  DRED is an acronymn for "DREAMS REALLY EVOLVE DAILY" and that is exactly what Lil DRED represents with his actions and ultimately his lyrics in his music.  Lil DRED has been rapping since he was six years old. His storytelling rhymes are movie-like.  His verses are fire. 

Lil DRED has accomplished so much at a very young age.  DRED has built a solid fan base over time that that have supported him and his soundcloud page to the astounding number of 15 million streams organically; and still growing over 100k a week. He has been courted by the Majors as well as many Mini Majors. Rick Ross personally reached for him via his boy Chad and blessed him with a verse for "Hurt Nobody" that will be dropping 4th quarter of 2016.   It's a #TeamDRED thing.

DRED expects to shock the industry with his passion and orginality.  Providing great music with hood, street and everyday topics.  DRED sees himslef changing the game while shining light on where he comes from.  All the while making the world want more of his story. In the end, DRED sees his style being studied in the future.
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